adammdimarco asked:
can you post a selfie? you're just so pretty like i need to see more

Was laying in a bed with me in undies last night not enough for you

kateaustinn asked:
Suck my dick


awh my first message in 2 yrs💖

Love you 💕

Anonymous asked:
do you have any youtube channel?

I do but the only video on it is the one I’ve posted on here of Sar and I

Anonymous asked:
why not make videos who knows maybe you become famous😏😎

Haha bc sar and I are boring and awkward. Maybe we could do a q&a on here? Would you guys want that

Anonymous asked:
Does your girlfriend have a tumblr???

Yeah but she hardly uses it, it’s

Anonymous asked:
How much does Sar bench?

She doesn’t typically bench when she works out but when she does it’s only 95

Anonymous asked:
What are your feelings regarding big butts?


Anonymous asked:
Take a selfie😐

Hahahaha not tonight I look like shit

8 days

8 days

Anonymous asked:
Omg you should make videos in youtube👌

Hahahaha everyone keeps saying that idk why